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     The cleaners from Canning Town Carpet Cleaner were prompt, efficient and friendly. Importantly, they did a fantastic job at my property.
F. Lakeman19/05/2020
     I found my favourite cleaning service! They did a wonderful job at my flat. I would hire them again.
R. Linstrom19/09/2019
     The domestic cleaning team left my property spotless. I was left thanking my lucky stars that I'd found Canning Town Carpet Cleaning.
Georgia M.08/02/2019
     My office has more clients thanks to Canning Town Carpet Cleaning Services. Thank you for the excellent office cleaning service and the discounted rates.
I. Gleeson01/06/2017
     So impressed by Canning Town Carpet Cleaning Services! It's a great office cleaning service, which is just what we were looking for, but they also managed to do us a great deal. Cost-effective options were important to us and it's very reassuring knowing that - whenever we need to clean the office - it won't cost a huge amount. Value for money is important, but they've managed to achieve some really fantastic results at the same time.
Daniel Bryant05/11/2015
      Canning Town Carpet Cleaning Services did a great job of cleaning my upholstery. I have three children and they had spilt various drinks on the sofas and I was fed up with the stains. My mum suggested I hired some help and got the sofas cleaned and by doing so it would save replacing them and also keep them sanitised for our health! Anyway, the cleaning service was delivered using steam which meant that it was all eco friendly. A truly super service at a good price!
Rebecca Griffin14/07/2015
      Canning Town Carpet Cleaning are the only choice for professional bathroom cleaners. From the moment I called I was happy to have heard about their service. They gave me lots of helpful info and were able to answer all of my questions. Hiring them was easy and affordable too. Their cleaners arrived on time and quickly did the work. The cleaners did every necessary chore to make my bathroom cleaner than ever. There were no problems and everything was done in no time. I will recommend them to everyone.
Emma Grant27/05/2015
     As a student leaving my old accommodation, I was looking for a cleaning company. Then a good friend recommended that I hire CanningTownCarpetCleaners to really good my campus room a thorough clean. Not only were the cleaners reliable, they were so fast! But they didn't cut corners and even managed to remove those stubborn bathtub stains that had collected in my final year at UNI. Being a student my budget was fairly tight, but your reasonable prices afforded me the luxury of your services!
John R.15/01/2015
     Untidiness is one of my pet-peeves. I can't stand coming home after a hard days work to a house that's anything but spotless. I really do try to keep on top of it, but being a single working mum makes life difficult. One of my friends recommended a professional cleaner called CanningTownCarpetCleaners, and hiring them was the best thing I could have done. They're well within my budget, and do an outstanding job. Surfaces look perfect, tough stains have vanished, my home is a wonderful place to live once again! If your situation is similar to mine, I can't recommend them enough.
Lisa I.21/08/2014
     I have been using CanningTownCarpetCleaners as a regular service in the house for a few months now, and I am very pleased with how it has all gone. You never really know what you are getting yourself in to when it comes to hiring a new cleaning company, but I was relieved to find that they were very friendly, as well as being good at cleaning the house. I am positive that they will be a firm new installation in my household, and look forward to working with them in the future.
Keith Collins31/07/2014
     I've had nothing but a great experience with CanningTownCarpetCleaners. When I first enquired about their services, they were friendly and very informative. When my cleaner came the first time, I made sure I kept my expectations realistic to avoid any disappointment but it turns out that that wasn't necessary at all! Her work was fantastic, much more thorough than anything that I would ever do. I never have to worry if she's cleaned something properly or if she's missed something because I know that she has always done an amazing, highly professional job on everything.
Peter G.16/07/2014

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